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ultimate virtual prom pink photo

ultimate virtual prom pink photoAs schools across the USA close down for the rest of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Class of 2020 is faced with the disappointing but necessary reality of missing their proms and graduation ceremonies.?

However, thanks to technology, all is not lost! Groups of students are coming up with ways to get together on Zoom, TikTok and Facebook to host virtual prom parties from their living rooms.

If you’re attending or organizing one of these parties, here is what you need to know:

Set the Scene

buy blacklights to light up virtual promFind a spot in your house that you can easily decorate for the party.

Buy a Class of 2020 banner, Prom Night banner, or balloons.

Rent a virtual prom lighting package, or purchase a blacklight.

Do what you can to make it feel like a special night, because it should be!

Dress the Part

You’ve shopped for weeks for the perfect dress — wear it! Have your date wear his rented tuxedo and matching tie. Do you hair and get your makeup just right. Your mom will still want to take your picture, so dress the part!

Choose the DJ

Someone in your group needs to be the DJ, so choose wisely! Whether they’re playing off a Spotify list or taking requests, make the decision ahead of time on who the musical point person will be.

Capture the Moment

Take a screenshot or selfie at some point and share it on your socials. Send it to your school yearbook. Remember this. You’re living in a unique period of time and experiencing something that you’ll be asked about for the rest of your life. This is your prom, dance like nobody’s watching!

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