Harry Potter Theme Party

harry potter gobo theme with custom design
harry potter birthday purple gobo effect
Make an impact with a customized Harry Potter gobo light with a purple texture effect to create an authentic Hogwarts experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter to celebrate your birthday! From sorting your friends into houses, projecting the iconic symbols of HP on the walls of your space, and lighting up the four corners of your party, you can create a memorable and spectacular experience.

The key to this party is light and decorations. Transform your party room into the four houses of Hogwarts with banners, balloons and uplights. Serve themed food in each section and give your friends an assigned house using a sorting hat when they arrive!

Party Lighting

Uplights for Color

The best way to transform your space is to rent wireless uplights. Depending on the size of your space, put 4-6 uplights in each “house” or corner of your party. 24 uplights will create the effect that you’re in standing among the magical houses of Hogwarts!

  • 4-6 Green wireless uplights to represent Slytherin
  • 4-6 Yellow wireless uplights to represent Hufflepuff
  • 4-6 Blue wireless uplights to represent Ravenclaw
  • 4-6 Red wireless uplights to represent Gryffindor

Projecting Harry Potter Symbols
Use gobo lights to decorate other sections of your party. A lightning bolt above the entrance, Harry’s glasses looking down on you at the food table, or a Quidditch flying broomstick near the dance floor!

Starry Night Sky over the Dance Floor

Make the middle area of your party the dance floor, where the four houses of Hogwarts come together! Above the dance floor, project a starry night sky and whisk your friends’ imaginations away to the wizarding world you love so much! Use a Blisslight 15 in green or blue to create the effect of your dreams.

Sort Your Friends

harry potter gobo theme with custom design
Use wireless uplights for each of the house colors combined with a custom gobo projector.

The coolest part of a Harry Potter theme party is using a sorting hat when guests arrive! You can use gumballs, lollipops, or hard candy as long as you have red, green, blue and yellow to represent each house. As you greet your friends, pull a piece of candy from the sorting hat to send them into the party as part of an official house! Give them a scarf or glow necklace in their house color as a party souvenir and to keep track of where everyone ended up.

Decorations and Food

Keep everything color coordinated! Hang each house banner in the four corners of your party. Use streamers to visually connect the spaces.  The food tables in each house should be items in the appropriate color. Serve cupcakes with colored icing, jars of colored candy, and place pizzas or sandwich platters on lit-up pedestals using rope light. Use punchbowls or cauldrons to serve your version of butterbeer and add dry ice for a fog effect.

Creating a Harry Potter Sweet 16 is easy if you rent the lighting to design your space for maximum impact. Your friends will be posting photos and talking about it as the best theme party they’ve ever been to!

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