Sweet Sixteen Party Themes

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Our list of amazing sweet sixteen party themes and ideas takes the hard work out of your party planning! The best ideas can be right under your nose! Think about the best parties that you have been to, or seen on TV. Start with the sweet sixteen decorations and favors and work out from there.

Memorable parties have a cohesive theme to them and feel like they were a good fit for the person having the party. Your party should be personal representing you, your likes, and the things that are the most important to you.

Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas:

  1. Dance Party: This is by far the most popular party. It’s the most popular for a reason, if you find the right entertainment it can be the most fun of all the different party types. Think about your school dances, many schools only have two per year of which you may only be allowed to attend one! But everywhere you look you see other people having dances on TV or in movies. Dances allow you to throw your own party just like an adult where you can have a blast with all of your closest friends. If you find a DJ who specializes in sweet sixteens with lights, games and contests you (or your parents) don’t have to worry about anything except showing up, picking out the right music and having a blast with all of your friends! The right DJ should be able to keep the party going all night.
  2. Rock Band, DDR or Guitar Hero Party: Why not take the games you play with your friends to the next level? Setup a screen, lighting, speakers and have a real rock championship to determine the best Rock Band,Guitar Hero, or DDR players. Setting up a tournament with brackets and?themed prizes?can make your sweet sixteen party a blast!
  3. Outdoor Movie Party: Having your party outdoors can be awesome for you and your friends to take in the great summer weather and watch a movie together. You can rent all the equipment you need to have a massive outdoor screen in your backyard or by the pool so you can all watch a movie together or make a movie night out of it. Having games and party favors within the theme can help turn it into an awesome party. Big blow up screens can oftentimes cost less than $200 and can be used with standard projectors.
  4. Pool Party: Pools are a great way for your friends to relax and hang out in the pool. Hiring a DJ to keep the music going and to incorporate the pool into the evening with contests and games can be a really great party during the summer. You can setup a giant inflatable movie screen next to the pool to show the movies on, or have a volleyball net or basketball hoop if you don’t already have one for the pool.pink sweet sixteen cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles
  5. Roller Skating/Ice Skating Party: Having an activity to focus on throughout the night is important if you don’t like being the center of attention the whole night. It makes it easy for everyone to have a great time from your really outgoing guests, to friends who need a little help getting into the party. Having a really cool looking sweet sixteen cake can also help kick these parties up a notch. Having a roller or ice skating party can be a great theme option. Many rinks have a lot of creative ways to enhance your party. Having a local band or a DJ can also be a great way to kick up a party to the next level.
  6. Lake Party: If you have a lake or campground near you, these parties can be the most memorable parties and weekends of your life.Most larger lakes have boats or pontoon boats that you can rent, or you can rent jet skis to have a blast with all your friends for your birthday party! Some lakes you can even combine pontoon boats with a dance party if the lake is big enough! You can also look into water trampolines, these can help turn your sweet sixteen party into the party of the year!
  7. Scavenger Hunt: Having all of your friends show up ahead of time and surprising the birthday person with a party and then going out on a scavenger hunt can be an awesome party idea! It gives everyone something to do as well as adding competition into the night. Theme each stop after something that the birthday person likes or reminds you of them. You can do photo or video hunts or hunt for physical objects around town. Have the final location be a secret until you have found all the clues, then everyone can meet up at the final location to really celebrate your party with everyone together!

The Perfect Theme, The Perfect Party!

sweet sixteen club theme lightingOnce you’ve determined the type of party that you would like to have, then you need to start thinking about sweet sixteen decorations, dis, photography, and venues to host your party. These are all very important and finding the right combination can mean the difference between an amazing party or the worst night of your life!

Your entire party should be based around your theme. From the invitations, to the cake design, to games and activities, to the colors, venue, party favors, plates, napkins, cups should all revolve around your theme. This will help reinforce the theme of the party and help to make your party the best event ever!

List of Sweet Sixteen Party Themes

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