Sweet Sixteen Cake Flavors

What’s Your Flavor?

chocolate sweet sixteen cake with chocolate shavings and chocolate icing

Sweet sixteen cake flavors make a statement about you and your tastes?literally. Choosing the right flavors or right combination of flavors is an important aspect of choosing the perfect sweet sixteen cake for your party. Here is what your cake flavor choice might say about you:

Vanilla?– You love simplicity and like tradition. You want to make sure all of your guests will love the cake and be able to share in your big day. Vanilla is one of the great flavors that pairs well with fruit or filling layers and any?kind of frosting.

Chocolate?- You are complex and intriguing opting for the richer things in life. Chocolate is a bold and robust?flavor that complements someone who is deep and interesting. You may enjoy more formal occasions but always like to do it in style. It?s hard to go wrong with chocolate!

Carrot Cake?– There are many dimensions to your personality. A good carrot cake is a little bit spicy and refreshing. Carrot cake says you are not afraid to be a trendsetter and lead the way through life.

Angel Food Cake?- You don?t take things too seriously and?you like to have fun. Classic?angel food cake lets you focus on what?s important at the party, you! This cake is?easy to pair and?allows your guests to enjoy the cake but get right back into dancing.

Lemon?- You are bright and high energy! Your friends love that you bounce around all the time and have such a great personality. You have a pep in?your step and are?perky and fun. You don?t take life too seriously but you’re also smart and on the ball.

Orange?- You see yourself as very appealing! An orange cake is exotic, bright?and inviting. The smell of orange is invigorating and can be the perfect pick-me-up to help you and your guests finish strong. An orange cake says that you are not afraid to take risks and like to be a leader. (And orange cake with chocolate buttercream is delicious!)

Raspberry?– Raspberries are delicate yet?very flavorful. A raspberry cake is rare. You don’t want to have the same cake as anyone else. You?ve reached a major milestone in your life and a rich, fluffy raspberry cake is the perfect addition?to the perfect day.

Strawberry?– A strawberry cake is feminine, flavorful and super fun.?You are a cheerful girly girl and want a pink cake inside and out!

Ice Cream?- Everyone loves ice cream! You’re funny and have a lot of friends. You aren?t afraid to get messy and everyone loves you for it. Ice cream is rich and full flavored while being cool at the same time. You see yourself as a trendsetter but keep your friends right by your side.

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