Glow Party Theme

girl wearing glow necklaces and bracelets with balloons
glow bracelets at sweet sixteen teen party on girl

Glow parties are a blast because everyone gets cool glow items to wear and use throughout the night. These items are better than normal giveaways for parties because you can collect, share, trade, and make interesting things out of these glow items.

Glow parties can be done with a number of glow items, generally it’s a mix of traditional glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow bracelets. There are are a number of glow items that can be used as well but these can be thought of as the base of items you need for a glow party.

You can combine a glow party theme with a blacklight party theme to get a party that not only has items that glow, but will allow all of your guests to glow and wear things that glow.

Glow Party Supplies That You’ll Need:

Glow Necklaces, Bracelets

red yellow pink green blue assorted glow necklaces and bracelets at party

Buying a party pack that includes bracelets and necklaces is a great idea because it gives you the base you need for your party so that there is a mix of glow items that everyone can use and enjoy. They have interchangeable connectors so they can combine to make super glow items. You will generally need 4 glow items person to give good coverage. Some people like to wear just one item, others like to collect them and generally by the end of the party a group of people will really glow from all the glow items! We like this company because they ship quickly and the glow items are good quality and will last all night long! Important when your party depends on the glow!

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are the portable brother to the necklaces and the bracelets, these items are great for dancing and you’ll be surprised at the cool effect these create when made to move quickly at night, you can draw shapes in the air in the dark, very cool and fun to have a few of these at your party!

Glow Earrings

These earrings are very cool because they are clip-on meaning that girls or guys can wear them.

It’s a lot of fun to have a variety of glow items available so that your guests can wear a number of different items to show off their individuality!

showing off glow bracelets at sweet 16 party

Glow Decorations

Anything neon, white or with a bright color works well because it will glow under the blacklight.

girl wearing glow necklaces and bracelets with balloons
[box type=”tick”]Glow Party Tips

  • Make sure you have enough glow items for all of your friends. Plan to have at least 2 glow items per person with an ideal amount around 4 pieces per person.
  • Make sure you get good quality glow items, really cheap stuff from China will die after a couple of hours leaving your party in the dark…literally.
  • Get a good mix of glow items to complement your party and to help your guests show off their own individual personalities.


Glow parties are some of the most fun events that we work because you can base games around the glow items, all of your guests will really enjoy having these items to play with through the night. So get started, get some good music, and some cool glow stuff and have a party!

Glow parties start with the right lights. Rent blacklights to get high power lights to light up your party.

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