4 Amazingly Easy Ways to Create a Starry Night Sky Effect

star pattern gobo on a tray ceiling at a party

star light bliss light projector star field on ceiling

For thousands of years people have been enchanted by stars and are naturally mesmerized by them. Now it’s time to bring them to your party with 4 amazingly easy ways to create a starry night effect!

You can easily create stars with lighting effects. These lighting effects are easy to set up, dynamic, cover a large area, and will make your party sparkle.


1. Blissfully Easy Blisslights

Blisslights are magical slow-moving pin-point lasers with a nebula style overlay. Using a safe, high-power laser, they shoot thousands of slowly moving stars onto your desired surface. The nebula overlay is ?a dark blue cloud effect that, combined with the stars, creates a mesmerizing, magical night sky.

Blisslights?come in two?models: the Blisslight 50 (Green) and the Blisslight 15 (Green or Blue). The?Blisslight 50 has more stars and will cover a 50×50 area. It’s pin-point laser stars are green and its nebula overlay is blue. The Blisslight 15 has slightly less stars and covers a 25×25 area. The Blisslight 15 (Blue) has blue pin-point lasers and its nebula overlay is blue. The Blisslight 15 (Green) has green pin-point lasers and its nebula overlay is blue. Whether blue or green, the laser stars are effective, but the green pin-points are slightly brighter. Either way, the effect is the same – dazzle your party guests with a night sky!

Blisslights?are expensive to buy but are great to rent DIY. Plug the light in, turn it on and command a universe of stars to shine wherever you aim.

Here is a great place to?rent a starry night effect blisslight.

star pattern gobo on a tray ceiling at a party

2. Gobo Star Lighting

Gobo lights were traditionally used in theatrical productions and concerts. A template called a gobo is loaded into a special light that will shine a?pattern wherever you aim it.

You can use a star gobo template and project star shapes on the ceiling of your party. Create a dynamic effect with a gobo light that has a rotation feature making the stars slowly move.

Combine the rotation effect with a special prism lens and you create a 3-D starry effect on the ceiling.

Here you can rent star patterned gobo lighting.?

3. Fairy Berries

If you could capture a tiny Fairy and put her into a small plastic sphere and make her glow you’d have a fairy berry!

These lights slowly fade on and off creating a twinkling star type of effect. They look amazing ?in the dark and are perfect for creating a magical?lighting effect.

Each fairy berry has a small plastic tab you can string clear fishing line through. These lights can be strung from drop ceilings or hung along walls, off tree branches, or in flower arrangements. They last over 16 hours using the included batteries. They are waterproof and can be re-used. It takes more time to physically tie fishing line and hang them, but if you have the time these are a unique effect. You can find them for less than $2.00 each and they are sold in packs of 10.

Amazon is where to buy fairy berries.

stick on glow stars4. Glow Stars

You might still have these on the ceiling of your bedroom! ?These glow stars are perfect for creating an inexpensive?glow?effect on the ceiling of your party. These aren’t lights, but are stickers that glow in the dark.

Buy sticker glow stars.

You’re the Star!

There you have it: 4 amazing ideas for creating a ceiling full of stars for your event or party. Remember that you are the star of your party and finding the right effect will depend on your budget and the overall theme of your party.

Better Stars?

Do you have ideas or experience creating a starry night effect? Share them in the comments below.

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